6 Things GenZers want every Generation to know about them.

6 Things GenZers want every Generation to know about them.

From finances and learning, to the undying need of constantly being online and connected, to being emotionally stable and building authenticity, to a possible divorce of a social media platform. Here are 6 other things we discovered about Gen Z during this lockdown.
These might provide organizations with ideas and inspire the older generations.

1. Financial Re-awakening – A large number of Gen Z live off allowances from parents, guidance and “drops” from older friends, uncles, and aunties. Many are not known to be proactive when it comes to saving, needless to mention planning for unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic.They value their independence but have had to give it up in order to meet their personal needs.
So far, the pandemic is changing their mindset and making them have a rethink on how they handle their finances.

2. They remain emotionally fragile – The increase in the number of depression among Gen Z confirms that in spite of their “I don’t care ” attitude or outlook to life, they remain highly emotionally fragile. The lockdown and social isolation has revealed that the majority of Gen Z have been using work, friends and socialization as a strategy to fill their emotions and keep their mental health intact. This has also shown that while Gen Z spend the majority of their time online, physical connection remains a major way to connect for them.

3. Online Courses are still not their thing – GenZ tend to be self reliant and have the ability to teach themselves whether this be graphics, photography, coding, or becoming an entrepreneur. Millennials remain the highest consumer of online training and courses because it’s a generation that constantly wants to “achieve.” The fear of not being enough or being left behind motivates Millennials but that doesn’t work for Gen Z. They want to learn, however, they are not so keen about online courses.

4. Having Data and being connected remains the two top needs for Gen Zers.

5. Finally divorcing Facebook? As revealed in our report, The Impact of Covid -19 on Gen Z. Facebook ranked the lowest of all social media platforms for Gen Z in getting frequent updates about the pandemic and getting entertaining content. This comes as a surprise as Gen Zers switched to “Data Management Mode, it was expected they would favor Facebook as the platform to help them save data rather they switched to Twitter.

6. Gen Z value authenticity, justice and equity – This is why they naturally gravitate toward brands that show those qualities. However, it is imperative to point out that Gen Zers are not patient with brands or individuals who pretend to have these traits but fail to show it or do otherwise. 

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