Hiring or Selling to Gen Z? 3 Things you need to know.

Hiring or Selling to Gen Z? 3 Things you need to know.

My volunteer experience at a youth organization formed the foundation of all we do at Genia Grey. During one of our strategy and review sessions, a young girl of about nineteen stood up and let out in frustration, “You don’t know us, you don’t know my generation and the most frustrating thing is that you people (older generations) think you know us.”

I left after the meeting and those words never left me, even as I write this I can still feel the emotions with which she expressed those words. This formed the vision of Genia Grey. What we do at Genia Grey centers on helping organizations, public, and private institutions have a better knowledge of Gen Z.

As we continue to lead studies on Gen Z across the continent, in this article we share three key things you need to know about Gen Z before hiring or selling to them or even as you work with them.


As organizations and brands grow in their awareness of the impact Gen Z can have on their products and services, some are re-targeting their product to attract the Gen Z market. While some wonder why there are minimal results commensurate to the huge investment that is being poured into marketing, Ads, and experiential campaigns. Some have even wondered why Gen Z tends to not be loyal to brands like the generation just before them; the Millennials.

The trick is, when it comes to consumption Gen Z value uniqueness more than the brand name, because of the tailored experience it gives to them. 

Digital Natives

As the world tries to navigate a new order, at the center of the world order of work is Gen Z. A generation born to disrupt and create, we call them tech natives. Technology is not just a tool for them, it is who they are. They think, see, and feel technology.  This innate ability helps them own the space and as such drive innovations in any industry, they find themselves.

Being Cause Driven

In conclusion, Gen Z wants to be part of something big and not be redundant. Driven by a passion to change the world, they are constantly in search of organizations that give them the opportunity to initiate or be part of social projects. Understanding these attributes will help brands become better positioned to drive productivity among Gen Z staff, and also adapt to the rapid changes in hiring and engaging Gen Z and in the development of products and services.  

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